Do You Want a Housetrained Dog

A dog who’s trustworthy in the house?
Who uses the great outdoors or a designated indoor spot as his outhouse?
To be able to toss out the bottles of urine deodorizer?

All without having to hire a pro dog trainer to get the job done?

Great!  Then you’re in the right place!

With the Housetraining 123 webinar you’ll learn
The steps elite pro dog trainers follow to housetrain dog after dog.

Who is Housetraining 123 for

 This webinar package is built from the ground up.

Perfect for a first-time dog owner
for a dog owner with a first-time harder-to-train dog
for anyone needing the ins-and-outs of humanely and effectively housetraining a dog.

And if you’re a dog trainer, this course is even certified for CEU through

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What You Will Get Housetraining 123

  • Immediate access to the 60-minute webinar, Housetraining 123, a professional method to housetrain any healthy dog
  • Outline – a handy one-page document summarizing the Housetraining 123 steps
  • Crate Training Tips – a convenient single page to guide you through the process
  • Reminder Notes – notes to post at the door to keep you on track
  • Presentation Slides – The webinar slides are included as a handy reference tool

Why Housetraining 123 Works Please

Take Housetraining 123 completely at your own pace.
Rewatch it as many times as you please.
Review parts of the video when you need to, even if that’s at 2 in the morning!
No need to worry about keeping up or falling behind.
The handouts reiterate the steps presented in the video.
You’ll have the total Housetraining 123 process at your fingertips.

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Who I Am Housetrainer for Dogs

Helen Verte Certified Professional Dog Trainer

My name is Helen Verte and I’m a professional dog trainer certified by the Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and I’m a life-long learner enrolled in Jean Donaldson’s renown dog training school, The Academy For Dog Trainers. I’ve trained personal dogs, dogs in rescue, and clients’ dogs for years, and housetraining has been at the top of the training list. The fact is that everyone who has a family dog must do housetraining.  Love Wags A Tail, LLC, is my dog training business.  I like to have fun with my dogs, too, don’t you?  I’m a certified Trick Dog Instructor, and have a lot of fun training my dogs to do tricks.  There’s more to life than housetraining, but housetraining is the first step to a good bond with your pet dog! 

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What You Will Learn Housetraining 123

After implementing the Housetraining 123 Plan, your dog will understand where his elimination locations are, and you’ll have a housetraining system in place for the lifetime of your dog. Topics addressed are below.

Why Use A Crate?
How Long Can He Hold It?

How and Why To Use A Tether
How Do You Housetrain A Marker?
What do you do when your dog eliminates in the house after just being outside?
Puppy/Small Dog vs. Adult Techniques
How to Organize Your Set-up for efficient Housetraining Success

Coping Mechanisms for the Trainer
Management For Long Stretches of Time
Housetraining the Chronic Crate Soiler
Crate Training Tips
Effects of Punishments

Late Punishment Consequences
Treat selection and Delivery Mechanics
Housetraining Broken? Now What?
How to train dogs to use an indoor and outdoor elimination location

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Bonus Video Housetraining Rewards Demo

As an added bonus, I’ve recorded a demo video on how to time the payola that is pivotal in expediting the housetraining process. Timing is everything, and this video will demo not one, but two dogs, going through the payola process.  

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And the best part?
The webinar, bonus video, and downloads package is only $25!
You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pro dog trainer who will teach you all this for a price like that!

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What Happens After Purchase Housetraining 123 Please

  • When you click on the “Buy Now” button, you’ll be taken to the Love Wags A Tail website for sign up and payment.
  • After purchase, you’ll receive an email welcoming you.  The links to the Housetraining 123 webinar, to the Payola video, and to affiliated downloads will be included in the email.
  • You’re good to go for a year’s worth of Housetraining instruction.
  • The one-hour webinar is available for immediate playback on-line. Links for downloading accompanying documents are also instantly available.
  • Any glitches in the process? Contact me.

Buy The Housetraining 123 Webinar Now

The bottom line is that the sooner you invest in learning the process to effectively and efficiently housetrain your dog and implement the procedure, the sooner you’ll have a housetrained dog.  You and your dog will be together for years to come.  Housetraining now will pay off for a long and happy future.  Get started now and enjoy the program for a full year!

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